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How to Increase Car Mileage – Myths & Tips

12th April 2019

Fuel is the driving force behind a vehicle and the ever-rising fuel prices are becoming a concern for every vehicle owner. The petrol and diesel prices are pushing people and automobile companies to explore alternative means of fuels. However, until these alternatives become as effective as the existing mainstream fuel options looking for means to […]

What is Wheel Alignment, Balancing and Rotation? How Often Should It be Done?

12th April 2019

Want to make the best of your brand-new tyre? Then, it is important to know about wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre rotation. These are the three essentials if you want to get the best from your car tyres. These methods can reduce the wear and tear of your car tyres and keep them in […]

What’s Really Left in the Tank When the Gauge Reads “E”?

11th March 2019

Have you ever played the miles until empty game? It refers to the one when the needle hits E and the ‘low fuel’ sign illuminates on the digital instrument cluster. It makes you panic, thinking if it is possible to make-up to the next fuel station. Driving the car with the ‘low fuel’ light on […]

Aftermarket Brakes, The Danger of Using Cheap Vehicle Replacement Components

11th March 2019

The brakes of your vehicle are an essential safety mechanism. If the brakes of your car are compromised, you are risking your life and of those who are riding with you. The importance of a galvanised and original braking system cannot be stressed enough. But the brake pad system has its shelf life. It gets […]

Harmful Accessories for your Car

26th February 2019

A car has comfort and luxury quotient attached to it. In order to flaunt it, not only do the auto enthusiasts accentuate their car with accessories but also most of the car owners like to do so. It is a great and easy way of personalising and customising the car and enhancing its looks. However, […]

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